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Interactive and Ecommunication

One of the challenges when starting a new blog is to get the ‘newness’ of it out of the way as soon as possible. After all, just because a blog is starting out doesn’t mean that it starts at square one – sometimes its starts in the middle of a conversation already in progress.

The purpose of this blog is no different. As members of Emerson College’s Integrated Marketing Communications program, the contributors to this blog have a history as marketers and as people who think about how to use digital tools and methodologies to further enhance the effectiveness and usefulness of online marketing and communication. More specifically, the contributors to this blog are exploring how people can use interactivity with the Internet and with one another as a way to enhance how we communicate, reach online consumers and do business.

Our goal is to share our findings over time with the people who most want to learn what we do. That would be you.

We don’t expect everything entered into this discussion to be cutting edge brilliance but we do expect that it will provide other contributors and readers alike with better insight into the progress that the world is making as we continue to develop and explore new ways to communicate online. We also hope to share with you ways to effectively measure these modes of communications, how to use these tools and technologies to do a better job of reaching consumers,  to entertain people and make the world come together.

Thanks for joining along and please feel free to become part of the conversation.

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