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Blog: Red Bull is a “purple cow” company

So… this will in fact be my first Ever Blog…(yes, don’t laugh) and I figured I would blog about a Brand that I think is one of those…. “Purple Cow” companies that author Seth Godin speaks about (and a subject we touched on in class) . In short the definition of a Purple Cow in marketing, is a strategy that is truly something noticeable. How it gets its name is from the fact that you always see a lot of “brown cows” in a pasture but how often do you see a “purple cow” ? A purple cow is something phenomenal, counterintuitive, and exciting. Every day we come face-to-face with a lot of “brown cow” advertisements and marketing techniques – but you will never forget a purple cow strategy – right?

What comes to mind is the company Red Bull… in my opinion they are the Purple Cow of the Energy Drink world. Every sense of  their being screams excitement, ingenuity, and has a “wow-factor”.  Their marketing style is extreme and in-your-face. They do all kinds of guerilla marketing – handing out free samples targeting ONLY individuals in need of energy. They believe the packaging of the “slim” can is a selling tool in itself.  The company will only allow a store/venue sell their product ONLY if they use the Red Bull Refrigerator to showcase just how “elite” it is.  They also sponsor Extreme Sports such as motocross, skate sports, water sports, grand prix, and Freestyle stunts. I am not sure if anyone has ever seen the video of  last years New Years Eve(2009) with Robbie Maddison, who set the world record for a distance motorcycle jump landing on the top of the replica Arc de Triomphe in front of Paris Las Vegas. Red Bull: New Year. No Limits. was telecast live on ESPN to a worldwide audience. (here it is for a glimpse)


In just naming a few, this is how Red Bull pushes the limits and far surpasses  its competition. This brand is self expressive and highly connected to the people who use it. The tag line of “Red Bull Gives you Wings” tailors to the needs of its users (risk takers, students, athletes etc..) It is a brand that is constantly innovating and taking its own risks to stay on top.

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