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Luxury brands go social media

In the past, those so called high fashion brands were very conservative while communicate with their consumers. They usually use only traditional ads, PR efforts, and retail place to maintain relationships with customers. These brands were reluctant to use social media too much since it may ruin their long-established brand image. However, these luxury brands started to tap into more social media recently, such as Facebook and Twitter.

One very interested example is that Louis Vuitton just had its Spring/Summer 10 fashion show broadcasts real-time on their Facebook page exclusively. It’s not the first time a high fashion brand airs their fashion show live since D&G had it on their official site and Burberry had it in their retail stores before, but it’s the first time a brand shows their fashion show on a social media site.

Anyway, just some interested news to share. To know more about this topic, please check the following articles:

Everyone’s Doing It: Brands Take on Social Media


Louis Live, Too


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  1. Bareischl
    October 24, 2009 at 9:12 pm

    While some luxury brands are still somewhat doubtful as in how to use social media, it seems like the “if” is more obvious: Of course, you have to join the conversation (just ask the self-claimed social media experts)! No matter what category the brand, the “how to” takes an important role; How to join the conversation, how to maintain buzz by keeping consumers engaged with the brand, and how to measure success are important questions when it comes to dealing with social media, an integral part of today marketer’s life.

    Mobile marketing however has a different standing. With the feedback on the October 2008 launch of an iphone app, David Lauren of Polo Ralph Lauren talks about the company’s increased investment in mobile marketing and why luxury fashion marketers are investing in technology, while others are still hesitant: http://www.mobilemarketer.com/cms/news/commerce/4141.html

    Getting back to social media, the so-called “experts” unite worldwide in saying that social media participation is a must for your brand. Whether that brand is a product, service, or even a person, social media tools sometimes are powerful instruments to inform me of how imperfect I am as aspiring integrated marketing professional.

    I sometimes feel the urge to hide in the (somewhere still existing) offline world where people do not tweet about their blogs or Facebook about their tweets, trying to forget that Twitter messages like “You are not a part yet?” (um, depends on what) or “Consumers won’t buy it if it isn’t part of the social media mix” (thanks, now I know) give me the feeling that I am just not as perfect as I thought I’d be. So I guess I should get started to read “Secrets of social media marketing”, just to make sure that they’ll stay secrets – unless I start tweeting about them.

  2. Bareischl
    November 10, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    British luxury brand Burberry does it, too! I was reading the NYTimes today when I stumbled over this article:

    As it doesn’t seem to be too late for luxury brands to get the conversation started with online media, Burberry took its brands to the next level of social media engagement. With over 699,000 Facebook fans (impressive!), the company uses Twitter and YouTube as well to promote their brand.

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