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Entertainment Marketing: Paranormal Activity:Engaging Interactively

Hello world!!!!

So here is an interesting suggestion for engaging and interactive entertainment marketing .

2-3 weeks ago some TV commercials started hitting the screens with eye catching spots of an interesting horror film with a very strong call to action. “If its not showing near you, DEMAND IT, and then followed the link of the movie. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOTlpQStC18).

Since i personally am a huge fan of horror films i immediately went at it. But just before i did i checked the theatre near my place to find out, that the film was not showing there. Next thing you know i visited (http://www.paranormalactivity-movie.com/) the official site, where i gladly gave them my zip code (geo targeting), and email. And what do you know? They had a consumer profile, that could be used both by Universal and eventful to re-target me in the future. Not to add to the cookies that they collected through me.

Smartly enough they had organized the page in a way to network with other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc.If you’re wondering no i did not visit any of those pages, but a lot of people did creating thus , what Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff call Groundswell.

Talking about effectively engaging the consumers, Box Office Mojo  estimated that Paranormal activity is grossing $22,000,000.

Not bad for a film in wich $15,000 was the original investment.

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