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Movie goes mobile

Some people might have already heard about the movie recently released after Fashion Week, Rage, featuring Jude Law, Judi Dench, John Leguizamo, and supermodel Lily Cole. Rage is about a boy accidentally record a murder case happens during fashion week with his cell phone. This movie filmed the actors against a green screen in a series of monologues and each scene shows only one actor. The shooting style of the movie is cutting edge. There is on props, no sets, even no music in the film. Btw, Jude Law plays a female model named Minx in the movie.


However, none of those above can explain why this film is so special.


As revolutionary as its shooting style, the movie’s distribution strategy is also very daring and innovative. It was released first on mobile phone application on September 21, by web video site Babelgum, formatted into 7 webisodes. Viewers can see it on iPhone, iPod, smart phones and online. And most importantly, it’s FREE!!


While talking about the film’s bold distribution strategy in an interview with CBS, director Sally Potter said, “The film makers have been slow. Things have been changed, and the Internet and cell phone has been changed.” Though I still doubt of the film’s profitability, Rage has definitely create a lot of buzz and inspires a lot of new thoughts in the industry. Also, the viewers’ experience would be totally different from any other movies. Just like the director said, “Why do we have to be so afraid of what’s happening? Piracy? The internet? Why not embrace it?”


To see the film Rage for free, check http://www.babelgum.com/rage

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