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The opposite way: a social media campaign supported by a mass media campaign

October 26, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

It seems marketing and advertising are becoming to be done the opposite way.  Companies are now doing social media campaigns, and then moving to mass media and traditional websites. Honda is an example of how to do it .

Last Auguts, Honda launched a new marketing campaign just using a Facebook page. The name of the page is “Everybody Knows Somebody Who Loves a Honda.” This page has reached almost 200,000 fans and has connected more than 2.4 million people by October 26 without giving away prizes or rewards . It means people join the page just because they truly are fans of the brand.

The page was initially promoted by using only ads on Facebook.  Then, two months later the company launched TV commercials in order to increase page fans.  Last week, an integrating website to support the capaign was launched. The site connects to the Facebook page and contains the TV commercials and interviews with the owners in the commercials.

According to the boost in Facebook fans after the mass campaign, TV and mass media are not dead yet. They are a great way to reach and move thousands of people and encourage them to act in a certain way using social media.

I think this is an interesting way of connect both advertising worlds and more experiments similar to this one should be done.

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