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Social Media – Cosmetics Brands

Social media is literally taking over our lives. Most of us have Facebook and Twitter accounts. And it’s not just college students anymore, it’s pretty much everyone and anyone who wants to be connected to people around them and in their lives. Grandmas have Facebook even.
Some of us more so than others truly care about our Facebook profile pictures, we want to look good, perhaps our best even. One brand has recognized the need for good pictures and decided to offer free professional photos of you! Estee Lauder has, as of Oct 16, started its new social media marketing campaign, in not just giving its consumers free professional photos to put up and free makeup, but it’s also getting something in return. Besides having a fan page of 27,700 members, Estee Lauder has realized that it needs more. Its target market are women ages 35-55, these people are on Facebook these days. But Estee Lauder not only wants to keep their current target market, but they also want to expand into the younger female market and show their brand as being modern, contemporary and in the know of things. What better way to get to a mass number of females? Include Facebook. Give them something you want and hopefully get something in return. Well, brand recognition at least, because all the pictures will include a little Estee Lauder brand logo (unless of course they are Photoshoped out of the pix). Either way, brands are realizing the importance of social media as a marketing tool. Back in the day, television gave marketers a large market, now it’s the Internet. Estee Lauder is now truly part of the digital age. 🙂 But how many people would want to basically endorse this brand and leave the logo in the pic?

Here’s a link to the article: http://www.brandrepublic.com/News/944235/Estee-Lauder-offers-free-social-media-makeovers/ and a link to a blog talking about how Estee Lauder is a global brand and is only offering this in the US. Guess what other people are also doing this in other parts of the world and these people are actually doing it for a good cause! Here’s a link to the blog: http://www.krishnade.com/blog/2009/estee-lauder-and-photogenic-photographers-helping-us-be-facebook-fabulous/

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