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The World Makes Coke Go Round.

I recall, when the world was flatter and isolated in terms of marketing and advertising, commercials for Coca-Cola had 1 way message slogans like: “Coke – It’s the Real Thing” on radio and/or TV. There was also the ever popular jingles with an Up with People flare, for example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ib-Qiyklq-Q. This commercial contained very inspiring lyrics; “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, I’d like to buy the world a Coke…”. It was a great utopist vision of everyone united on a “We are the World for Soda” kind of theme.
Today, however the marketing communications landscape has changed. Websites, Social Media outlets are the norm; even if you’re a firm that hasn’t quite grasped the true usage of the mediums at hand; Coca-Cola is no exception. Their newest quest for world soda domination comes in the form of the Expedition 206 Campaign. http://www.expedition206.com/
Combine the TV show The Amazing Race with a smiley Facebook edge and you’ve got Coca-Cola’s Expedition 206 campaign. The objective: A 3 person team will cris-cross 206 countries (Where Coke is sold), 150,000 miles in 365 days. In an effort to continue spreading the gospel of ‘buying the world a Coke’, as well as helping dub it the brand of Happiness, this band of 3 will interact with residents of the cities and towns to find out what it is in their lives that make them happy. Nine contestants , which will be voted down to three buy online voters, remain and will be voted down to 3 by
November 6, 2009. Coca-Cola has stated the winning team of 3 will receive travel expenses and a per diem sum during their trip. The 3 will keep a record of their findings via the web and perform tasks at each location, which are supplied by online supporters.
According to Coke, they are to be considered ‘Brand Ambassadors’. It is an interesting concept filled with many possibilities and opportunities. People worldwide will be able to give feedback both through the Internet and in one of the 206 destinations. It’s almost like people who are fans of the brand will have a chance to be partners with Coke to spread the happiness. It will also build brand equity by reminding people of the emotional links between Coca-Cola and its global uniting qualities.
Coke clearly recognizes the impact social media have with young people here in the U.S., and increasing in growth with the world at large. Enhancing their image in places where young people live today, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc. is not only smart its essential. The interactive voting aspect can engage new a new core of users. This engagement can tie viewers into the activity of the winning group and truly bring a perspective of the world they may have never seen before.
As stories of social unrest continually grace our Internet news sites and financial upheaval both in the U.S. and globally are apparent, Coke’s unifying message couldn’t arrive at a better time. Some may say ‘its just kids getting free trips and horsing around’. And some people may be right as judging by some clips such as these: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mefAF4DzN_4

But, even I must admit it looks like a lot fun. And getting a chance to spread something as simple as a positive feeling, does sound appealing.

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