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Diet Coke Pop-Up Kitchen- Boston

  I was walking on Tremont Street on my way to class at Emerson College one day & I noticed that there was construction going on inside of this (previously vacated) retail space that was located across from the Boston Common. There was a sign that read “Diet Coke Pop Up Kitchen Coming Soon” Oct 23rd -Nov1st. I was curious to find out what the event was about that I went back this past Wed around 1pm to see for myself!

Coke Cola rented this space for about a week and decorated it better than most coffee shops you step into! They called it a Diet Coke Pop Up Kitchen because they served chilled Diet Coke and gave away free food. It had a mix between a “cafe”  and a “club” atmosphere. It was decorated with Silver and Red tones, many flat screen TV’s, couches, and tables to sit at. There was a big “diet coke” bar that stood up on a podium and had ice and stored about 30 sodas on ice. A bartender stood behind the bar and handed free chilled Diet Coke (in classic glass bottles). There were Apple Computers stretched across the side wall for free Internet use.   There was also a “lounge” area to drink your Diet Coke and mingle with other Bostonians. The back of the shop was set up with glass doors and shelving which  was catered with fresh sandwich wedges, meats & cheeses, and wraps.  The music was lively and upbeat (lounge music) that played in the background. 

It was a really cool experience and made you think – wow? Why would a soda company go through all this? and why would they spend so much money on it if it was only going to be there a week? Well – it quickly became clear because people poured in from the streets (all ages) and everyone had a smile as well as a Diet Coke in hand. Diet Coke was just simply trying to promote their product (and Boston is just one stop on their list of cities to visit). The event created an energy of amazement, curiosity and happiness across the board… and what is better than getting Free Diet Coke, Free Internet, and Free Food. It was a very positive place to be even if it was for 15 minutes…the place was packed at all times and people seemed to be enjoying themselves.  It also got “conservative” Bostonians to interact, mingle, and embrace the unique event in their town.

 All in all – it was a pleasant experience. I am not sure that if you were never a Diet Coke fan before that this event would change that perception (or make you buy the product) but it certainly gained a lot of good, positive feedback from the people I mingled with.

TWO Thumbs Up for Coke !

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