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Quaker Oats’ “Awaken Your Senses Challenge”

While watching a TV show online recently, a commercial came on that caught my eye.  Unlike the other commercials that could also be seen while watching the show on cable, this one was definitely geared towards someone watching online.  The commercial was for a recipe contest sponsored by Quaker Oats called “Awaken Your Senses Challenge”.  The host of the contest is David Lawrence, the host of Goodbite.com, which is a recipe website that includes favorites from 12 influential food bloggers.  The contest is taking place on Quaker’s Youtube Channel called “Quaker Talk”.  The 12 food bloggers featured on Goodbite.com each share a special memory with Lawrence, who then uses Quaker Oats to create a new oatmeal recipe inspired by the story.  Viewers vote for their favorite.  The contest is currently in the third round of semi-finals.  The eventual winning blogger will win $10,000 for their favorite food charity.  I thought that this was an interesting concept that brought a lot of things together.   It was able to promote Quaker Oats, Goodbite.com, and each of the bloggers own websites at the same time, while also providing awareness of food charities.  Providing information about an online contest to someone that is already on the web is probably a lot more effective than airing a commercial on cable.  If the recipes or the contest sound intriguing you can get to them in a few quick clicks.  Allowing viewers to vote is a great way to get them involved with the brand.    Personally, I had never heard of Goodbite.com, but I might check there the next time I need an idea for a recipe!


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