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Social Media! Too Many Of them. LinkedIn now connected with your Twitter account.

Since I am now dealing with social media everyday to do job hunting, I have been thinking about this question everyday when I log in to each of them.  Topics about social media have been surrounding us everyday.  Not only for marketers, but also job seekers or people who want to expand their network all have to force themselves learning how to use every kind of social media tools.  When we start this Social Media topic, we think about Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn.  What else?  Google Wave?  The number of social media tools existing on the Web is more than we can image, and it is still growing.  I don’t want to register to every one of them, and am thinking that maybe someday someone will create a platform integrating every one of this social media, so that users won’t have to create so many different usernames and passwords, and can operate all of them in single platform.  Hmm.. I am sure someone is working on this, and this convenience will be brought to us one day.

Actually, as everyone noticed, LinkedIn now is connected with Twitter.  Users can update their LinkedIn status on Twitter, and update their Twitter status through LinkedIn simply by checking a box on either Twitter or LinkedIn.  Why are they doing this?  LinkedIn is the largest professional social network, with 50 million members around the world who post information about themselves, such as resumes, experiences, and specialties, to help find jobs or employees, and to stay in touch with each other.  At the same time, Twitter allows people to broadcast short messages to other subscribers regarding their everyday thoughts, ideas, and findings.  Through this merging, the number of audience for either LinkedIn or Twitter will absolutely increase.  Also, Twitter can take advantage of the strong identity in LinkedIn to make those professional twitters more successful.  Last but not least, LinkedIn users who cross-post will be speaking both to their connections and to the broader Twitter audience that searches for tweets by keywords, location, user and the most current.

I see it’s a good start to connect two different social media together, and I am expecting to see more similar cases in the coming future.

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  1. francescowesel
    November 19, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    Good points made here. If there wasn’t the ‘remember password’ button, I would be lost everyday when logging in to all the accounts. Clicking on the ‘forgot password’ has become almost a routine when using another computer.

    We often talk about the dangers of media consolidation, but I am sure that in that respect a big conglomerate of all social media sites would be appreciated by many consumers. Perhaps brother google will buy them all in the near future.

    Francesco Wesel

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