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Event-triggered targeting: A glance at Black Friday

Targeting is a work in progress. The evolution of fast-growing technologies enables new online marketing tools to pop up and re-invent online advertising on a fast-paced track. In the Web 3.0 era, targeted ads follow the consumer like shadows, and behavioral targeting techniques have become indispensable for marketers.

Event-triggered targeting is a small, but very efficient way to get the message right to your audience at the right time. The best thing about it? It often enables the marketer to personalize their message. And that means standing out from the clutter in consumers’ mailboxes and wired worlds. E-commerce solution provider Aberdeen Group surveyed that’ “91% of organizations improved online conversation after introducing personalization.”

Event-triggered targeting is based on experienced consumer behavior that creates information for site-side analytics to target consumers across the web based on their online user patterns. Certain events (Black Friday) function as triggers for certain behavior (to go shopping), and the list is endless. Let’s take a look at a best practice example (for successful personalization take a closer look at Amazon and Netflix or 5 Web trends of 2009 relevant at this time of the year:

Black Friday. Did you receive personalized E-mails inviting you to get midnight specials or go to a specific store to get deals? I lost count over iPhone apps developed specifically for Black Friday iPhone Apps for Black Friday

This is just one example of event-triggered targeting. Important ingredients in the recipe of success: Having a good database and personalizing it. With Christmas around the corner, that’s more than just a hint.

  1. Brad
    December 1, 2009 at 9:14 pm

    I think this post is spot on. Event triggered targeting is definitely growing and in my opinion an optimal way to reach a target that actually wants to be reached. I received over 30 emails from late Thursday night and throughout Friday with personalized messages on how I could save with these “Black Friday” deals and then did a good deal of shopping on various websites with these money saving codes. As you mentioned in the post I can only see this continuing to grow because of its effectiveness to stick out of the clutter. I can guarantee as we move forward events like Black Friday and Christmas will become predominantly an online event due to the ease and convenience for the consumer.

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