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Thanksgiving Week’s Top Viral Video

Muscle Milk’s “Sexy Pilgrim” video, released the week for its protein drinks, was ranked the top among the viral video that week. It uses viral video and social media and live stunts to reach online customers and put a titillating spin on America’s founding puritans. The singer is Wojciech Wisowicz, a metal band’s lead singer. The video features a sexy pilgrim “doing some soulful crooning through the original Thanksgiving feast. Decked out in classic pilgrim garb with large white collar and cuffs (and dapper mustache), he manages to make Plymouth Rock and decorative gourds sound scandalous and seductively promises to “unbuckle my hat.”” It is the first viral campaign Muscle Milk has ever done.

It’s cool, from an audience’s eyes. Somehow, it reminds me of the toy commercial Nissan released in 2007. Both of them promoted a cool lifestyle by means of a creative thinking. Isn’t it a holiday carrying a traditional meaning? Right. so do something opposite–a sexy singing pilgrim. But Muscle Milk’s ad has a broader vision than the toys in Nissan’s ad. It was released after Thanksgiving, brought audiences back to the origin of the holiday, provided fun factors–R&B singing and a light easy and healthy life style, which fits the product’s promotion code well.
Months ago, when I was going to buy Muscle milk in a retail store, I was told that it was for men. Although I knew it’s wrong, I gave it up. Now I can’t wait to try it and expect to see how its sales number does after this ad.

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