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Coke’s Interactive Vending Machine

Coke has come up with another way to engage its consumers.  Their new high tech and interactive vending machine was launched in early 2009 and is being rolled out in Simon malls across the U.S.  The vending machine allows customers to interact with the brand by using touch screen technology.  The machine features a 46-inch plasma screen.  By touching the screen you are able to scroll through all of the different varieties that are offered.  Once you choose a beverage you can spin the bottle 360 degrees to read all of the nutritional and product information.  You are also able to interact with brand sponsorships.  For example, by purchasing a Sprite you might be able to see NCAA basketball footage.

 “The new machines incorporate sight, sound and motion video to take the vending experience from transaction to true interaction,” said Anthony Phillips, global brand manager, The Coca-Cola Company.  “We wanted the machines to be eye-catching in a way that would turn heads and command attention.”

 The technology is continually being improved and soon you will be able to place an order through your mobile device.  The machines were developed by Samsung and Boston-based interactive agency Sapient.  

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