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As a Verizon Wireless user (and with a service contract that is completed) It’s time to do some research and make a decision… Do I enter into the AT&T world and switch my comfort zone to a new plan for the Iphone? or stay with Verizon and see what the Droid can do for me? I am so intrigued by the latest Cell Phone War between these two 3G networks. The Droid is certainly giving Iphone a run for its money. Verizon wireless had to make a move like this, or fall behind the times if it was to wait for Apple to make-up its mind about not being exclusive to AT&T. Droid has a marketing budget over 100 million the Motorola Droid is still going strong – but what are the reviews saying?

Touchscreen: Iphone Wins (by a margin) it does a better job at guessing what user is trying to type.Physical Keybaord: Droid wins (Iphone does not have one)Browser: iPhone, it has multi-touch, faster pageloads and web standards compliance.Navigation: Droid Wins.. Ease of use and functionality that Google provides in the turn-by-turn navigation free app.Lockscreen: Droid wins: The Droid has one small (but clever) bonus feature thrown in which allows you to quickly silence the handset with a single swipe (Iphone has a physical silence switch.Battery Life: Tie Breaker!Apps: Iphone wins hands down – 100,000 Iphone vs. 10,000 Droid apps. Customization: Droid Wins. The flexibility of Android customization is still somewhat limited, but it at least has the basics covered. You can change e-mail and text alerts, app icons, and your ringtone/wallpaper. Iphone only lets you change ringtones and wallpaper. Camera: Tie – both do a good job with pics. The Screen: The iPhone has a 3.5″, 480×320 touchscreen display, while the Droid has a 3.7″ 854×480 touchscreen display. While the Droid’s screen isn’t that much bigger, they’ve crammed over 160% more pixels onto the screen = more clarity & color. Interface: Android does not match the intuitiveness of the iPhone. If you need to change a setting on the iPhone, you always know where to go: the Settings app. On Android, it can be in one of any number of places.

Is it  enough to make your head spin? Clearly it is WAR !

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