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Google: The Search Engine Broadcast Story

Apparently , Google has decided to change the rules of search engine marketing. This past Monday the giant corporation announced that it was adding a real-time option for every search that we do. Here is an image  of how this works when we searched for google real-time.

Google real-time results are now part of google search results, incorporating , real-time updates such as tweets, Facebook status updates and the sort. But what does this diversification mean about us, the interactive marketers?

Well most importantly this means that Google has a deep understanding of the power of social media. As we know social media are platforms, where people connect with each other and create online communities. These platforms serve as ways communicating and exchange information. There is a big discourse going on about how social media are altering marketing techniques. People use social media to talk about experiences and share them with their communities. These platforms represent streams for Word Of Mouth. We have already seen for example how corporations are making efforts to respond to negative tweets.  tweets & responses

Google real-time could be an opportunity for marketers to monitor how a campaign is going.

Most importantly, Google real-time could be opening the interaction an online marketer has with the masses. Could this be the change that is going to help us marketers deeper understand the role of social media. Web ad.vantage an agency specializing in online marketing and advertising says that this could result in social media playing a part to actually increase exposure and traffic. They also go on to suggesting that as online marketers we should not only consult on search engine optimization but we should also consult on social media optimization.

Don’t we all want to have the best SERP after all?

Nick Meletopoulos

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