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Top 10 viral videos of 2009

Josh Warner is president of a company which produces and distributes brand videos. I read in his blog of the ranked top 10 videos this year. YouTube audiences had a great fun this year. A bunch of creative/ touching/ eye-opening/extremely crappy videos came up and caused a viral marketing effect to some level.

Josh gave the top one prize to Inspired Bicycles, which up to today has had 12,858,139 views.

I’m surprised that there’s no bike companies involved in the sponsor list. Bicycle companies or brands owning sports clothes (like Nike, UnderArmer, Puma), always in support of extreme sports (Pepsi) or any brand that promotes cool products should follow Danny MacAskill.

Signs, a video narrates a touching love story was ranked No.2. It has 3,325,495 views. I watched this video many times before and never noticed that it was an ad. I’m sure i’m not alone at this point. Its advertiser is Schweppes, producers are Publicis Mojo and @RadicalMedia. I still haven’t figured out how this video relates to any commercial. Another touching and funny one on the list is JK Wedding Dance. It was put on YouTube simply for the purpose to share the pleasure and happiness and immediately hit the buzz.

The third one is Piano Stairs, a documentary video showing how artists added music to a normal stairway and brings fun to people’s life. It is apart of the campaign–The Fun Theory, which includes videos World’s Deepest Bin, Bottle Arcade, and so on. The campaign is sponsored by Volkswagen. There is only a simple logo showed up at the end. The commercial didn’t pollute the beautiful spirit of the series of experiments and audiences interested could dig into the facts on their own. I admire DDB Stockholm, the agency’s creativity.

Down the list, there are also some anti-viral videos, which instead drew backfires. Like Microsoft’s Hosting Your Party, which was a boring non-sense ad, and United Breaks Guitars, produced by musician Dave Carroll whose guitar was broken by United Airline.

There are a lot of other videos not appearing on his list but are also very popular. Among them, my favorite one is Her Morning Elegance. This musical video creatively reversed video production process by taking pictures to show a story. It was directed by Oren Lavie, a musician, to promote himself and has 9,151,313 views. After the video successfully hit YouTube, Oren Lavie immediately caught media’s attention. He was invited to all kinds of TV shows and was awarded Best Lyrcist by ASCAP foundation. The video Her Morning Elegance is featured in Chevrolet TV commercial and later earned a 2010 Grammy Award nomination for “Best Short Form Music Video”. TouTube provided an unbiased and efficient channel for talents to show their skills to the whole world.

There are also all kinds of posts on Youtube, which may not be ads and very immediately popular but still very influential, such as Ted’s series. For 2009’s records, it’s still too early to say, we have 20 more days to say goodbye to 2009. Maybe something big will come up. Looking forward to it ^-*

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