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The Almighty Google?

A short time ago I wrote about Facebook’s growing popularity and how Facebook and Google were butting heads. Today, a war is brewing.

With the Superbowl only recently behind us, there was one ad that surprised many of us out there. It was for Google. Why would google feel the need to advertise, showing off what many already associate with Google, its search engine?

Perhaps its because Google is declaring a head to head war with Facebook, that will end in the demise or weakening of one or the other, so it seems.

Here’s what happened to lead me to this belief:
Today, Google has launched GoogleBuzz.  It lets you share things like photos, links, videos, and status updates through your gmail.

Today, Facebook also broadcasted some news. Strengthening its own chat platform, Facebook partnered with the old chat royalty, AIM. Now, you can chat with your Facebook friends without being logged into Facebook, via AOL’s new software. This breathe a bit of life into the dated chat platform, and therefore, it seems to benefit AOL a bit more than Facebook.

Will Google’s new application be strong enough to take over Facebook’s threat? Right now, no. Users want the software to integrate with the platforms they are already using. Until then, the new application is in a lonely silo, and yet another addition to the social media landscape. Google’s Buzz needs Facebook and Twitter, but neither need Google.

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