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Corporate Blog- An alternative for Toyota crisis management

When I was reading the book Naked Conversation-corporate blogging, I was appealed by one of the chapters that center on blogging in crisis. This naturally reminds me of the recent PR gaffe Toyota is going through, which makes me doubt if there’s an alternative for the company to turn around in addition to TV and print recall ads?

Admittedly, people blow things up all the time. So do big companies. When it comes to PR communication, social media (blogging) can serve as a remedy to iron out crisis.  Apple, Inc is one of the big corporations that employ blogs to apologize to the general public. Here’s a link of 5 vivid examples briefing blogs in crisis management.  http://mariosundar.wordpress.com/2008/08/12/top-5-corporate-blog-apologies/

Personally, I think it’s a matter of  time before bad things all go away. The point is to minimize the period and regain customers’ trust in Toyota’s auto quality.  In compliance with the crisis management message” Moves Forward”, blogging might be a good means to show how Toyota technicians worldwide are dedicated to fixing things up, thus bringing more credibility to the brand image.

But bear in mind there’s always two-sidedness in corporate blogging. You cannot really tamper employees’ voices whereas proper censorship is still necessary.

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