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A whole new level of cellphone shopping

Read a great article today http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/27/business/27shop.html?adxnnl=1&sudsredirect=true&adxnnlx=1267369937-YZiQEBPlCE9zbmLEG7aDqw

Undeniably, cellphone shopping is nothing new in today’ s urban life. The birth of smart phone applications opens a lot of doors to business opportunities.

The reported technology simply takes cellphone shopping to a whole new level. As marketers, our first priory is to engage the targets with technology and trigger more buying. At the first glance, the new shopping experience centers around a customized store application driven by scanning, tracking and wifi technology. Does online shopping or cellphone shopping fuel  impulse purchase? In my case, the answer is yes, because buyers are just several clicks away from the deal. In the old days, people had to undergo physical stores visits, try-on, chitchat with salespersons and carrying their trophies home at the idea of buying a new coat. Then I continue to think if it is marketers’  job to fully take advantage of new technology, thus encouraging more innocent impulse purchase?

If so, please join me with the following retailing marketer’s Utopia. A customer mops into his style section with the help of application GPS tracking. To save the hassle in the fitting room, he taps into the store-designed application where 10 clothes can be tried on with 10 seconds. Before that, the customer already inputs his size parameters (neck, chest, waistline, weight and height) to create a proportionately shrunk version of him. He quickly makes his decision after viewing photos of him with desired clothes on available in the inventory. He scans the barcode and pays the bill online. And he also ticks in the checkbox of delivery service. Before he walks out and picks up his date, the customer quickly makes a few tweets to brag his awesome experience.

I know. It’s a nice day without having to wait in the casher’s line and carry shopping bags! What he doesn’t realize is that he’s just made another impulse buy for the third time this month.

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