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Purina uses “Hammertime” to sell treats and build awareness

by Migdalia

Online ads, for the most part, aren’t interesting or interactive.  Fortunately for Purina, that’s not what I thought when I saw their ad on Hallmark’s web site. Purina’s new “Beggintime” campaign is engaging.  Here’s what happened to me…

I was visiting the Hallmark web site, when I noticed a banner ad on the top of the page. I scrolled over it and the ad not only expanded, but asked me to become engaged. I had two options: I could either “Click to show your moves”, or “click for sound”. You might be thinking–‘why did that catch her attention?’

Well, the ad had dancing bacon strips, bright yellow and purple colors, and a “blinged-out” dog and man dancing & rapping to hip hop…I had to click on the video–when (and where) else was I going to have the opportunity to see a dog and his owner rapping and dancing to Hammertime?

When I clicked on the ad I was sent to its own special url , where I was given more interactive options.  I was able  to choose characters to be part of the music video, or I could upload my own pictures so that I could be a part of the video. But that wasn’t all folks.

After watching dogs and owners ‘bust a move and rhyme’, I clicked on the only link on the page assuming I would be sent to Purina’s web site. But I wasn’t. Instead I was sent to another to a “beggintime” url where I was given even more opportunities to become engaged with the brand.

I was pleasantly surprised by the Purina ad. But will I buy these bacon strips for my dog? Probably not. But at least I now think of Purina as a fun brand.

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