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Online Marketing: GaGa Style

So first off, apologies for lowering the tone of this blog with a post regarding ‘the GaGa’, but its her latest music video “Telephone” (over 9 minutes of it!) that has perhaps highlighted a new vehicle for online advertising, albeit a ridiculously flamboyant and overly indulgent one.

The online video contains several ‘hard to miss’ product placements from companies such as Virgin mobile, Wonder bread, PlentyOfFish.com, Polaroid and Diet Pepsi. The plot of the video is absurd, and while some of the placed products are in keeping with the song’s theme of telephoning, others are mercilessly crowbarred into scenes with no thought for a coherent storyline.

Alas, I am neither a music nor video critic and this is not the platform from which to begin; needless to say however a half-decent song has been ruined. What can be surmised though is that this is perhaps the first music video to give in entirely to advertising and sacrifice the integrity of its content for a few quick sponsorship deals. The music video itself is twice the length of song and can only be viewed online.

Even before one can access the video, you must sit through 15 seconds of commercial material by other sponsors. All in all the video will be viewed by many, after just one day the video has over 1.5 million views and with a giant billboard ad on Youtube this number will no doubt continue to rise.

As for whether this commercial music video trend will continue online or off, I’m uncertain. While some artists may be swayed by the lure of lucrative endorsements, I believe for the most part artists will maintain their artistic credibility and keep it about the music.

As for Lady GaGa’s future in marketing, who knows! The idiosyncratic artist takes her name from the 1992 Queen classic hit, ‘Radio Ga Ga’ which characterises the feeling of change at the time, when radios were being replaced by televisions and MTV was on the rise. Well, the advent of this video may spell yet another change, as music video makers switch their content to solely target online users and in the process adopt a shamelessly commercial approach that dilutes the content it aimed to showcase in the first place.  Should this be the case, then what can I say….. Radio – someone still loves you.

Note: Im not going to litter the facade of the blog with the video, but check it out here, and I apologize again – it’s so stupid.

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