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Rehab clinic for children internet and technology addicts founded

Central London just founded a rehab clinic, not for drugs and alcohol, but for internet and technology addicts. Is this what the younger generation will be checking into rehab for? I suppose it’s better than drugs and alcohol problems…but is it really that out of control?

The age range is for children between 12 and 17, but their main target is 15-17. They thought it was necessary due to the usage of the web, video games and cell phones. The psychologist working with these addicts said “I’ve been contacted by parents who see their children going into a rage when they’re told to turn off their computer. Some end up having to call the police.” They have named these addicts “Screenagers” and have compared their addiction to that of a gamblers. “the service did not aim to make children give up technology use completely, instead they are encouraged to cut out any problem use – like computer games – and restrict the time spent using their phone or computer.”

Here’s the article for more information:

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