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Closing the Musical Gap: Max Bemis Reaches Out to Fans

Communication between professional musicians and their fans rarely deviates from the standard one-sided flow of ideas. Musicians generate broad lyrics about their own thoughts and feelings and deliver them through a category of sound to be received and adored by the masses.  Fans tend to worship their favorite artists as heroes and a large power gap exists between the two.  Max Bemis, the lead singer of Say Anything, understands and berates the traditional musician-fan dynamic and he has a project to inspire change using the internet. When describing his reasoning via video blog, Max addresses the internet’s ability to reduce the gap between musicians and fans.  This, we all know, is something many companies have begun to recognize when working to reach consumers. Musicians, Max says, typically feel above the fans and tend to mass-market their songs, but his project will bring him closer to the fans.

Here is the methodology behind Max’s plan: any fan can email him about a personal experience or topic he/she feels passionate about and, for a reasonable fee, Max will write a full-length song specifically for that fan.  The song will not be distributed elsewhere, and he vows to put sincere effort into every single song he writes. The exchange is conducted through an electronic song shop.

The internet allows people to download any song free and the music industry has felt the effect in its revenue stream. This project allows Max to charge a price premium for a song while providing much more personal value to his fans. Max reflects on his youth and the excitement he would have felt to receive a personalized song from his favorite band.  This reflection, and his use of a video blog, adds an authentic element to the project. He truly seeks to build relationships with his fans.  Moreover, when finalizing the project Max used Twitter to gauge fan reaction to the concept and to pricing to fully engage his customers in the process.

Max Bemis understands the beauty of a consumer-centric approach in his business and illustrates an awesome example of harnessing the power of interactive e-communication. To see Max’s video blog and song shop, click here: http://www.merchdirect.com/SayAnything/?productid=9900

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