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Instant Nitelife

Twin Days

Would you consider these two guys as credible sources for the local club scene? That's what I thought.

Despite my overall aversion to nite clubs, I felt compelled to comment on the recent article in The Metro about two gents from MIT who created www.instantnitelife.com (INL), a site that provides real-time, unbiased updates on clubs in Boston’s Theatre District. Through INL, boys and girls can get find out the length of line/wait time at specific clubs, the theme and music playing, guy-to-girl ratio, drink specials, and which B-list celebrity just showed up at the Gypsy Bar. What joy!

An interesting concept, but not a bullet-proof one. The majority of INL’s revenue is generated by banner ads that clubs can place on the INL site, and/or send through the company’s real-time updates, which are akin to text messages. Although the proliferation of smart phones with Internet access gives INL’s model some legs, can’t most folks already learn about this all-important info through twitter or facebook?Granted, club-goers will now have the advantage of accessing this info in one centralized place with INL, rather than having to search online, but I question how INL will manage the credibity of its advertising/editorial policy. Will INL, for instance, still give a negative review of a club that is also one its paid advertisers?

And in closing, look at the founders of INL. No, seriously, LOOK at them. Would you consider two guys wearing the same t-shirt to be credible sources for the local nite life scene? Watch the video and you’ll have your answer.

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  1. ksoto715
    March 28, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    I’m not sure how “unbiased” I think any of the reports are, but it’s an interesting idea

  2. April 8, 2010 at 8:10 am

    Thanks for your interest in InstantNightlife.com. Just a note, you mispelled the name of the company and accompanying URL. It is: http://www.InstantNightlife.com.

    And also, the shirt we are wearing is actually our InstantNightlife t-shirts. We generally are not in the habit of wearing identical t-shirt otherwise.

    And finally, given that we both have almost 20 years of clubbing experience between us I would say we probably are credibles source for the local club scene.

    Thanks for your interest, we’d be happy to answer any other questions or comments you might have.

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