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Romeo and Tweeting

“Romeo and Juliet has been given a 21st-century makeover on Twitter – with Shakespeare’s classic lines replaced with the likes of: “Jules is over and out!! Xxx”.

The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) production began on Monday and continues over the next five weeks.
A cast of six RSC actors are improvising a story, loosely based on Shakespeare’s classic romance, over real-time on micro-blogging site Twitter.

The actors have been asked to respond to each other, to the “audience” and to real events as they happen around the world.
Their stream of postings – in 140 characters or less – are being relayed to computers from their mobile phones.

Juliet, played by RSC actress Charlotte Wakefield, is a teenager who finds solace over the fact that she has never had a boyfriend by chatting incessantly on the internet.

In one tweet she linked a YouTube video she had made of her room, pausing on the framed photo of her dead mother Susan Capulet.

On her way to school she tweeted, complete with grammatical errors: “Ok now dads beeping at me from the car!! Gotta dash!! Wish I could tweet at school but… I can’t 😦 I promise I’ll be back on after school.

“Jules is over and out!! Xxx”

Juliet’s brother Tybalt, who is on the verge of being kicked out of school, has tweeted the likes of: “Gonna be late for class coz i’ve gotta have breakfast. Couldn’t give a crap!””(UKPA)

What happens at the end when they kill themselves and little Emo tweeters all over the world follow suit? That’s the power of twitter

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