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Second Life as a Sleuth

So recently, I recently started second life as a super sleuth. In the interactive game, Sleuth, I have the opportunity to have my avatar go around the ‘city’ solving crime! I got to not only customize my look but also my personal background. I’m a retired lawyer with a gambling program-don’t judge because I’m on the straight and narrow now and I’m on the case.

Sleuth is also is a social network. I can work with other detectives to solve cases too. I’m still new, but I’m meeting other people who have helped me sort through clues and figure out my resources. I’ve also told several people at work about the game and they have started playing. It so much fun! I get experience points and to live the life of the sleuth I’ve always dreamed of while reading mystery books. It’s my first take second life and I like it. I even have the game open in another screen as I type this and as soon as I’m done, I’m going to keep playing. I’m a little addicted at the moment. So now I pass it on to you. Warning: you can only solve 4 cases a day for free then they cut you off. Or you can do what I did and switch to the 1920s “Noir” version of the game and play there with a different look and character. There I’m a charming girl who’s parent’s cut me off from my inheritance, but I make a living solving cases and catching bad guys.

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