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Thank You, FourSquare

My favorite aspect of the FourSquare application is its ability to transport my imagination to uncharted bars while I sit in class. Last week I did a quick check of my friends’ locations and was no longer excited to see where a certain someone was: my apartment. My roommate’s boyfriend challenges me for mayorship of “Company Headquarters,” and this was one check-in I couldn’t compete with while sitting powerlessly in class. The urge to cheat was strong, but I have FourSquare integrity. Not only was my mayorship at stake—he was compromising my full eight hours of sleep that night. This guy has the loudest voice ever, and even when he whispers I can hear baritone vibrations through the wall.

I want to thank FourSquare for alerting me to buy a Red Bull on the way home, and I want to remind everyone that social media is benefiting consumers in ways nobody previously intended. I’d also like to thank HubSpot for making fun of FourSquare when I take it a little too seriously:


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