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Banner Ads Are Still Kickin’

As I was looking through the coverage of Advertising Age’s Digital Conference 2010, I came across a presentation by Ashley Ringrose, co-founder of Soap Creative and curator of Bannerblog, that addresses his six rules for making great web ads. Since many in digital marketing are quick to consider banner ads an outdated tool (myself included), I thought it necessary to point out Ringrose’s best practices for those still venturing into the Internet’s first advertising medium.

The web ad must be:

1. Interactive. Reward the consumer for clicking; besides, interactivity increases brand recall 63% more than noninteractive ads.

2. Customizable.

3. Contextual.

4. Entertaining.

5. Playable. You can’t play with a TV ad for 5 minutes.

6. Useful. If nothing else, it should NOT be annoying to consumers.

There are still plenty of agencies keeping these best practices in mind, including the following:

– Crispin Porter + Bogusky for VW

– Bridge Worldwide for Pringles

– Glue UK for Coke Zero

– Grand Union for the UK’s National Health Service

So, for those (like myself), who are quick to think of banner ads as a digital wasteland, think again: there is still plenty of kick left in this ol’ horse.

To view Ringrose’s presentation and see samples of the work mentioned above, click here.

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