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I just found what I believe to be a very interesting and cool digital opportunity for people: stickybits.

Stickybits is a scanning barcode application that let’s you interact with the world. Some of its most popular uses are:

1- Let’s say you are trying to buy detergent, but it is your first time and you really don’t know what brand to buy. Well, you can scan two or three products and see what people think about them.

2- You can create digital content and assign it a barcode, so that people can scan it and get the info. The stickybits website, gives job seekers a cool idea. Put your resume online, assign it a barcode and put it on your business card. How cool is that? You no longer have to carry copies of your resume, it fits into your business card.

Two of the biggest drawbacks that I found in stickybits are:

1- I haven’t been able to try it, as I don’t have an iPhone. The company is working on developing a Blackberry version, but has not come out yet.

2- If you want to access a barcode from your computer, you can’t just type the numbers and get the information. The company is also working to solve this and create this viewing mode.

Well stickybits, I really want to try your product. Please make it possible!

Check it out: http://www.stickybits.com/

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