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For the love of VW

Though I realize this campaign is a year and a half old and that the webpage is not working anymore, I wanted to share this anyways. The Routan Boom was a TV and internet based campaign for the launching of Volkswagen’s newest model (at the time) the Routan minivan. While VW made the leap in 2007 to SUV with the Touareg, they had never tried to do a minivan before, even at a time where moms didn’t want to be seen in minivans. The Routan promises “something different to arrive at your kids’ soccer practice”.

In this campaign, Brooke Shields pleads families and couples to have “a baby for love and not for the love of German engineering”. This was genius, you went to http://www.routanboom.org and created your own virtual baby which then used your cookies and appeared in the webpages you were viewing and such. So, having a baby without the responsibility of actually having one, while using your “genes” to make it. Wanted to show the world your beautiful Routan baby? Sure! You could email your baby pic, post it on Facebook, or print it out.

The message said:

(mom) & (dad) are proud to introduce you to (baby), the virtual Baby they created with the new RoutanBabymaker3000. Volkswagen and I created the RoutanBabymaker3000 to remind couples that babies are about love, not a German-tuned suspension and European styling. With the RoutanBabymaker3000 now you can succumb to the urge to procreate, without adding to the epidemic. Just remember. Please. Have a baby for love, not for German engineering. – Brooke Shields
This campaign was created in October 2008 and is the most recalled campaign in Volkswagen history with more than 2 million virtual babies made in a month.
Want to see more of what it was all about? Click here to see what it did.

isn't he darling?

Routan Baby Move

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