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Jesus Needs a Break

This is the story of a Chocolate + Jesus + Viral = Genius!

Kit Kat created a viral media campaign by placing what they call a “credible fake email” to incite the “Have a break, have a Kit Kat moment”.

This was last year, when in Europe there had been 3 different Jesus sightings in chairs, food and rocks. Kit KAt thought that this was a big break and opportunity for chocolate inside the religious madness it had provoked.

They didn’t do any spending, to do this viral they did it the same way that the other Jesus appearances got spread out: via email. By creating a fake email account from a guy from Amsterdam, they sent two emails to two editors in big news websites in Netherlands (where the campaign took place). This “guy” took a bite from his Kit Kat and saw Jesus…

The message in the email said:

Subject: Jesus appearance

Dear Editors,

I had the shock of my life this morning at work. I had just taken a bite out of my chocolate and then saw a face appear in it. I know there have been lots of Jesus sightings over the years and I thought they were all pretty far fetched. I mean I only recently read that there had been sightings of Jesus in a chair cushion and a meteorite.  So at first I couldn’t believe it, but then two of my colleagues confirmed that my eyes really weren’t playing tricks on me. And one of them took these pictures. I really don’t know where I should send it to, but I do know it’s absolutely amazing and that’s why I’m sending it to you.

While I’m not religious myself, it does give you food for thought.

Your sincerely, Mar (amsterdam)

And when does Kit Kat send it to the news? On Good Friday, so in the weekend of Easter it was posted in Nu.nl and it started to spread: news sites, blogs, and communities. They got hundreds of responses until there came a foreign webpage – The Sun  (as in not from the Netherlands) and posted it on their news page and it spread to even more blogs.

What happened: within 4 days, Kit Kat Jesus was in more than 150,000 results on Google.

People kept looking at this pictures and spreading them around with lines like: “Give Jesus a break”, “Jesus needs a break”, “Come on, gimme a break”, “Have a break”, “Have a Jesus Kit Kat”, “On Good Friday? gimme a break”, “I want a piece of Jesus”, “Break me off a piece of that Kit Christ bar!”.

All this Kit Kat name dropping without the picture not having the logo on it or anything,people made the connection between the Jesus sighting and the Kit Kat for themselves, turning it into free advertising. When people finally realized it was a spoof things like “who stops mid Kit Kat to realize this”, and “I can do this too on Photoshop” were said on blogs and blog comments.

The result: Kit Kat got contacts than they could ever get with standard advertising in the Netherlands. These contacts were far more intense and more memorable than what they could ever create otherwise. In 10 days, it was all people from all parts of the world talked about, making the advertising themselves, spreading the known slogan of the chocolate in everything they talked about. Without Kit Kat ever having to place their logo or a slogan.

very simple. very cheap. very ingenious.

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