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Peekaboo: Tiffany’s Hiding on Google

Seems that even the big brand names have major issues in relation to search engine optimization (SEO). Brand’s such as Tiffany’s are not ranking high on Google SERPs pages. Luckily for Tiffany’s they appear relatively high on Google’s front page for the keyword search “jewelry”– but not that high.  They rank 4th, behind Overstock.com.  But that’s just one ranking. Unfortunately Tiffany ranks quite low, 29th in fact, in Google search results for the keyword “engagement ring”, and 30th place for the keyword search “birthday gifts”.

Based on the recent study by Covario, the 3 main issues concerning search health are: content usage, link strategy and technical construction.

Tiffany’s main issues involve content. “For the terms that were found, consumers who click on the Google search link are sent to a country selector page, not a landing page or even a generic home page. On the second click, web searchers get to generic home page, but then must re-navigate there to find the keyword content they initially typed on Google.” Further, the linking strategy is inefficient and doesn’t allow the user to find what they are looking for– a risky move for a high involvement brand like Tiffany’s.

And the real crusher: Tiffany’s URL doesn’t even contain their relevant keywords!

Search optimization fail.

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