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HP+Palm, will HP be a player in the mobile world?

It was announced this week that giant HP would aquire Palm for 1.2 billion dollars in an all cash transaction. This is big news in the moblie world. Palm has been in dire straights over the past few years, failing to meet consumers demand in the smartphone market and seeing increasingly depressed sales. Palm, essentially in a failed state, would most likely cease to exist without such a takeover.

It is still unclear what will remain of Palm after the takeover is complete and there are still many hurdles that must be cleared before the deal is officially official. In all likelyhood this will give HP accesss to Palm’s mobile expertise and allow them to compete in a market that they have been sersiously lacking in as of late. It should be facinating to see if this aquisition will allow HP to shake up the mobile space. With exciting new products in the pipeline this could be just what HP needs to compete with the like of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nokia, and RIM in the mobile sphere. Nothing wrong with a little added competition.

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