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The Mozilla Metrics Report

A few weeks ago, Mozilla released its “Mozilla Metrics Report”. The report aggregated data from the over 350 million Firefox browser users worldwide.

Some of the highlights include that:

  • Firefox has almost 30% market share worldwide (100 million users just in North America)
  • “People start their work day earliest in Hawaii and Wyoming; latest start to the day is in New York” (p.2) and
  • “People in South American like applying Personas (themes) to their browser; people in Antarctica love add-ons” (p.2)

Marketers can use this information to start conversations about better the timing of certain ads, and improvements to their Firefox “add-ons”.

If in fact New Yorkers are starting the work day a later than others, then perhaps the coffee ads will be most viewed in the late morning instead of early morning? The report has information that should lead to conversations. I think it would be foolish for a marketer to change their entire campaign given the report data, but I think it would be even more foolish to ignore this data. Firefox has stated that they will continuously release updated reports, these reports aren’t going away. In fact, I think other browsers may one day follow Mozilla’s lead and report more about the users that spend hours on their browsers daily.

How great would it be if one day, a company would be able to know not only what browser their customer was using, but also, how many web pages they had open while browsing their web site and what types of web pages the customer was viewing. Knowing more information would allow for better ad placemements and a better understanding of the ‘average’ customer.

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