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Why I “Like” Bally Total Fitness

So, these are the things that I “like.”

But, in all honesty, I don’t think I could have even named 5 of the 54 brands I, at one point or another, decided to “like” on facebook. Except Bally Total Fitness.

You want to know why?

I think they do a great job of really encouraging their fans to participate in the online conversation.

Every Sunday at 9:30 a.m., the Bally Total Fitness facebook page posts a message to its fans, and they call it “The Weekly Check In.” On average, 120 people (of their 16,000+ fans) respond with a few short words stating how many days they worked out, how they felt and sometimes their goals for the upcoming week.

Bally also posts questions to it’s fans related to topics such as

  • healthy afternoon snacks
  • the benefits of working out with friends
  • how to cook low calorie meals
  • fitness & nutrition tips, etc.

And, the fans are extremely active.

I find it so odd that every Sunday, when I see the Weekly Check In message push through on my iPhone, I instantly respond with a quick message saying something like:

6 days (3 with PT & 3 with cardio). I feel great.

I don’t do this with any of my other pages (except maybe once in a while on the Rachel Zoe page, if she posts a cute picture or something like that). But, I think I do it with Bally because I feel like it has a really strong sense of community on the page.

The fans are really who make the page – not Bally. Bally has just created a space, and it encourages its members to come in and interact with them and each other.

I think we can learn a valuable lesson from Bally, as digital marketers and social media enthusiasts. And the message is this (okay, so… it’s like 5 messages):

  • Don’t just create a facebook page and push information on your fans.
  • Create a space and invite them in (this is a line I love from the Satchi X lecture on The Future of Shopper Marketing)
  • Be the conversation starter.
  • But, allow the conversations among the fans to happen organically.
  • Don’t delete negative comments.
  • Instead, listen to negative feedback it and respond diplomatically – both publicly and through dm
  • And above all — allow your fans to really create the culture of the page.
  • It’s just your job to create the space & encourage participation

If you want to like Bally Total Fitness too, just go to http://www.facebook.com/BallyTotalFitness?ref=ts and click on like.

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