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New Book on Digital Marketing

We are pleased to announce the release of our new book “Click Here:Using Smart Marketing to Target and Engage Your Online Audience” which is available for download absolutely free.

This book covers a number of digital marketing topics written to help marketers new to the digital realm gain a better understanding of how to apply and measure the effectiveness of their online ad campaigns including:

  • Event Triggered TargetingThis new book from Emerson Colleges Ecommunications Team covers digital targeting and audience engagement insights
  • Bringing Back Customers with Retargeting
  • Day-Part Targeting
  • Using Semantic Targeting
  • Technographic Targeting
  • Measuring Online Engagement
  • Interactive Rich Media Advertising
  • Interactive Podcast Marketing 101
  • Blogging to Engage
  • Twitter and Microblogging
  • Using Webinars to Reach and Engage Audiences
  • Social Bookmarking: Staying Top of Minds
  • Online Television and Engagement
  • Using Online Games to Grab and Hold Attention
  • Photo & Content Sharing: You Can Be A Master
  • Using Viral Content
  • MySpace Music Sites: Growing a Fan Base
  • Facebook Fan Pages: Building a Club House
  • Mobile Engagement
  • Exploring Virtual Worlds
  • The Monster Mashup
  • How to Engage Online Audiences w/ Video

Download your free copy right now by clicking here.

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