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Kia Wants to Make You a YouTube Star

This campaign isn’t anything special, but it gets the job done in terms of brand recognition and reaching the core target audience.

The article from Ad Age is as follows:

by Edmund Lee
Published: September 16, 2010

NEW YORK (AdAge.com) — Korean car-maker Kia is the latest to tap the shallow well of YouTube stardom by hiring Shay Butler, Lisa Donovan, and Anthony Padilla and Ian Andrew Hecox to, well, find the next YouTube star. Think of it as “All About Eve,” but for web video and with less tact and, well, more product. They’re new at No. 7.

The idea of a ground-up celebrity is not new, even though the myth that Lana Turner was discovered behind the perfume counter at Schwab’s Drugstore was, in fact, a myth. The internet, however, has been in many ways a strangely democratic casting room, whether for individually driven celebrity as in the above cases or the financially driven ones, as in the case of YouTube itself, along with Google, Facebook and Yahoo.

But that’s changing. As soon as marketing might is placed behind the budding careers of Everyperson YouTube stars, an infrastructure is born. If Kia can get budding web video stars competing, maybe we’ll see more of it. That said, I liked Kia’s last viral chart entry better.

Gillette and Old Spice are otherwise still dominating the top 10, which leads one to suspect that people are disproportionately obsessed with the hirsute, or that, as has usually been the case with viral videos, the product has jumped the shark: No one’s watching these videos for the product — nor do they remember them.

What to look out for next week: DC Shoes’ chief brand officer Ken Block doing ungodly things behind the wheel of his Ford.


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