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Arthur’s Guiness Day

Guinness Day Launch

I received a text message today from my sister that read “T-18 minutes until Arthur Guinness toast!! Google it!!” followed by another text 18 minutes later that read “Happy Arthur Guinness Day!!” As I was conveniently situated in front of the computer at the time I received her text messages, I thought I would entertain her by googling Arthur Guinness Day. Sure enough the Guinness website was the first on the list of search results. When I entered the site, the entire home page was dedicated to Arthur’s Guinness Day.Ā  There was an Arthur’s Day Pub locator function, an Author’s Day Iphone App that counted down until the Guinness toast, and an Arthur’s Guinness Fund that you can contribute your hard earned money toward. In addition to these features, there is a Facebook page dedicated to this day with 1,498 people who “like this” page as well as a Facebook group! Let’s not forget about Youtube featuring the launch of the Arthur’s Guinness day and its twitter posts.

So what is Arthur’s Guinness Day? According to their site, it was established in 2009 during their 250-year anniversary, as a series of events and celebrations taking place around the world to celebrate the life and legacy of Arthur Guinness and the much-loved GuinnessĀ® beer which Arthur brought to the world.

Guinness is definitely on the interactive marketing bandwagon. With the countless blogs and text messages communicating about this day, I think Guinness has done a pretty good job receiving consumers’ attention.

Cheers to Guinness!




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