This seems to be an on going conversation between the government, companies and consumers. To be viewed as a “trust worthy company” should be crucial for organizations. There was an article in MediaPost that says that with all of the social media sites today and mobile channels it is even more critical for companies to maintain those communications and trust channels.

The large amount of spam consumers get can be overwhelming and the likelihood of it getting read is pretty slim. As a company it is important to show consumers you are legit and one can follow a few guidelines:

Email marketing is the foundation of trust building

-“Email marketing campaigns are deemed trustworthy when a subscriber views them as something they are receiving by choice”

-Make articles and e-mails easy to read and understand

-Have clear brand recognition (logo, name, address, telephone # and subject)

Extending trust to mobile devices

-“Another way to build customer trust is to allow subscribers to choose the method in which they want to be contacted”

-Opt in SMS texts on landing pages

-Use short, targeted messages

Use social networks to build credibility

-Establish official pages

-Respond immediately to comments

-Post contact information on Twitter, Facebook etc

It seem like common sense to follow those suggestions, so it seems to be the customer needs to do their homework as well and follow up to make sure the company isn’t a fraud and they are a trust worthy.

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