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Ignore our ad? We’ll make you type it

When making a registration, purchasing something online or commenting on a website or a blog, we are often given a CAPTCHA, an Image of distorted letters, that we must type into a box in order to complete what we are trying to do.

According to Adage.com, a company called Solve Media found an opportunity for advertisers to use that space, since it requires attention from users, instead of the typical ad spaces that users can easily ignore.

For some users, this might be more fun/less frustrating than having to squint to tell the difference between an “M” and a “Q” in the typical CAPTCHA. At least they can read it and it makes sense too. For others, however, it might be just another intrusive way of advertising at the time where users are just in the middle of something that they want to get over with.

Perhaps it would be less irritating if publishers work on making the ad on the CAPTCHA relevant to whatever the user is doing. But again it’s not the ad itself that might annoy the consumers, after all, it’s less frustrating than the typical “vision-challenge” CAPTCHA that requires effort and is sometimes impossible to decode. It is the idea that consumers DO NOT have the option to ignore ads, that might be annoying. They do not have any choice but to type the slogan of the ad in order to complete the registration they spent a while on.

Whether it’s a good idea or not, publishers should not over use it because it might work better for some ads but not for others, so what kind of ads work best as CAPTCHAs?

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