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Mobile Advertising…Where is it?

I am one of those people that constantly has their phone attached to their hip. A feeling of disconnect and anxiety runs through me when its not close by.

I was thinking about this the other day while in class and taking about ads and target markets. I was trying to think back about the last advertisement I had seen on a site and couldn’t think of one. Where were they? They were not there. After thinking about it, my Internet is my Blackberry Bold.

My Blackberry Bold is my mini computer and I view the tiny font and use the zoom button to see my screen. It seems that most mobile devices have a default to the mobile version of a website. I often use the Google Site and or Bing since its a default. There are not any advertisements that we think of as traditional. I did some research and found that there were a few ads, but they went back to the dinosaur ages. I didn’t remember seeing them, they made no impact on me, and most likely because they were hidden and uninteresting

The ads on Google mobile were banner ads and in case you didn’t know it was an ad it says “AD” next to them. How CREATIVE!  There really were not many either and the ones that were there were mainly at the bottom of the search results page. Doesn’t seem like a good spot for them to me. There were usually only 1 AD per page if any at all. Bing added color into the words but it still said AD next to them. Yahoo seemed to have some ads that were static and not interactive at all.

It seems as though it is the birth of the Internet all over again. Banner ads and no engagement. Where will the future lead? One article in MobiAd News talks about different applications such as MobilityWare, Greystripe’s and Word Warp starting to arise.  Some apps were making over $10,000 in income. Where can we view such ads that make this much money?

Maybe it is just me and my busy life has me removed from the clutter, but to not see anything? Maybe there is just so much noise that I ignore it all. Maybe the future of mobile advertising will take us to pop up ads, pop back ads and rich media on our mobile devices, or maybe not. It should be interesting to see how long it will take us to get there.

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