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Research in Motion (RIM) Playbook: Will It Succeed or Will It Fail?

Research in Motion (RIM) announced this week their new tablet device known as the PlayBook. RIM is hoping that corporate users will love the PlayBook and that consumer demand will skyrocket. However, the big problem at hand is apps. In order for a product like the PlayBook to be successful, apps need to be available. Without apps the product will fall into oblivion and have no consumer demand and people will flock back to the Blackberry and other smartphones.

Therefore, RIM needs to attract app developers in large numbers and quickly if the PlayBook is to be a serious competitor in the market. This could impact the demand for the PlayBook as without any apps, the PlayBook will fall to the iPhone and other smartphone devices. However, RIM does have a strong user base which has the potential to pull in app developers.

RIM does appear to have multiple options for app development. Rather than going for the traditional approach of having multiple apps with multiple functions, RIM could decide to develop fewer apps but with more of a centralized business focus. This could benefits buser users who’s apps maybe don’t focus on what is needed and would prefer a centalized focus  over any app that comes to mind.

The overall hope is that consumers will love their PlayBook so much that they will want to use them as consumer devices rather than just work related.  With two different cameras included in this device, it could be an easy transition from work to play. This will hype consumer demand and could potentially draw in more developers for apps.

So will RIM succeed with a more focused concept but possibly less apps or will it fail and taper off being beaten by other devices? Only time will tell…


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