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Samgsung Anycall Haptic Mission

Last class have mentioned the concept of engaged the consumer, which reminded me a mobile advertisement of Samsung.

In 2009, Samsung Anycall released a new concept “Haptic Mission”, which involved four top Korean stars. It’s not just a standard commercial, but an advertising campaign with a reality show format. The commercial would be in several episodes which would show how the stars become new employees for Anycall. They would work together with other employees and do marketing survey for Haptic phones from Anycall.

Anycall Haptic Mission ep1

The Haptic Mission episodes were officialy released to public via Samsung official website and TV. After episode one was released on the website, the click-through rate was over one million times within six days.

Samsung Anycall Marketing Team said, “Anycall Haptic Mission will show a different and fresh concept of a CF. Here you can see top stars do fun & new things (becoming a real employee). You can see a reality show concept mixed with music drama”.

In one episode, the stars were asked to design the phone cover. It soon created buzz on the website and many people required Samsung to really launch what they designed.

In the end, there were two stars self designed phone covers were being made into actual products. Kim Hyun Joong’s design is named “Kim Hyun Joong UFO Phone” and Son Dambi’s design is named “Son Dambi Heart Phone”. In particular, the UFO Phone was sold out quickly in one day after it launched.

UFO Phone TV commercial


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