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Recent Japanese Advertisement Trends (1)

Have you ever seen a crowded train in Japan? You cannot do anything because you are bound hand and foot. Some of the only things you can do are listen to music, watch web sites, text and space out.

Naturally, you look up in order to get some fresh air. There is a paper advertisement suspended from a train ceiling. In the Japanese trains the paper advertisements are suspended from the ceiling at a regular interval. These paper advertisements cannot use movement. However, digital signage can use movement and make advertisements more interactive tools.

E-paper for the train advertisement

Average commute time to work in Japan is 51 minutes. I spent a round trip commute of three hours to go to work and stood at almost same spot in the train for around hour. There is nothing that can keep people for a long time without doing anything as well as a crowded train. This E-Paper advertisement is still developing. However, it will be a useful tools of communication in the near future. For example, it will be able to lead people playing with their cell phones without any purpose to the web site of a company’s products or services immediately.

By the time I go back to Japan, I hope the crowded train that is more of a pain than anything will become a more entertaining place.

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