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TV commercials that are culturally adapted

In previous classes, we saw commercials/advertisements that engaged audience. In order to gain audience engagement, commercials for a global campaign must be designed based on different cultures to be successfully targeting audience. I would like to show you some examples.

Can you associate McDonald’s with terms such as sexy, charm, and fashion?  McDonald’s commercials in Japan made it in order to reach young demograohics. McDonald’s icon is no longer an uncle image but turned out to be male and female models to represent McDonald’s image. The music and the costume and their facial impressions show that they are sexy and  cute.



One of McDonald’s TV mmercials in France is about gay issue.


The teen is talking to his “boyfriend” while his father is ordering.His father saw the teen looking his class pic and he tells his boy that while he was in his age he is popular among ladies, and it’s too bad that the boy’s class is all boys. The boy just laughs with a deep sight in his eyes. Finally, the tagline for this commercial is “come as you are.” McDonald’s with Gay issue. Well, maybe France exclusive!

The final one is DHL’s commercial in Korea.


In the beginning, the background music shows some sadness. And the girl kiss the delivery man …people may think it is a love story between them, but later on, the delivery man is writing down something on the machine and goes for the  delivery…and the next scene is the delivery man stands beside a man  which is signing his name for the thing that the girl wants to delivery. The delivery man suddenly kisses the man several times. Then comes the tagline “We deliver. Whatever”.

Enjoy them. Feedback is welcome! =)

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