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Augmented reality…Hot Again?

I was 1st introduced to Augmented Reality (AR) at the Marketing Management class. I remember the professor saying: “It is going to be something hot in marketing!”  The class saw a youtube video for Yelp iPhone app as an example. Within the app, a user could utilize the iPhone camera, point at restaurants in front of him/her and mini-reviews will float on the screen enabling the user to click on one of them to provide more details about the restaurant.

I thought tamazing. I downloaded the app and kept using it for fun every time I am walking in the outdoors. However, the app came in handy when i was walking in ‘Times Square’ on my 1st visit to NYC. We’ve been walking for a while and got really hungry. We were not sure what restaurant to choose with all the options in front of us and the Yelp hot app suggested for us a good restaurant.

In the interactive in e-communication class, I mentioned AR as an example of future interactive e-communication. I explained that banks could use this technology to enable customers to deposit checks by simply taking still shots of the check from their smartphone . Two peers from NY said that Chase is already using this technology.

After a week I read an article about Paypal and their plan to use AR to deposit checks. Bank of America and other banks will jump into the wagon as well. Later i read another article about an AR conference in Germany and the expected applications of it in the near future.

I believe that AR beside how it shows that you are tech-saavy, creates a great opportunity for developers/companies to interact with their consumers in an easy and fast way.

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