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Got Wrinkles? Erase the Wrinkles on the iPhone!

As we talked about rich media and the marketing metrix task we practiced (the age defying make-up collection) tonight, here is one example how the cosmetic advertiser promoted the anti-wrinkles product, gave out the message and engaged the consumers to accomplish a task on smartphone.

In order to promote its new Perfectionist [CP+] anti-wrinkle product, Estee Lauder hired Crisp Wireless to create an interactive ad for the iPhone and iPod Touch in this June. The rich media mobile ad campaign allowed users to play a game of erasing wrinkle lines within the ad. The campaign ran on a mobile entertainment and personalization destination, Myxer, in a top banner position on its mobile site.

Please see the demonstration video here:  Estee Lauder Erase the Wrinkles Campaign

The campaign banner could be expanded to full screen and viewers could tap to play the game.  Viewers erased the brow lines by rubbing their finger over the screen.The picture of the product next to the game presents the tagline “New Perfectionist [CP+] erases the look of deep wrinkles on contact” to the side.


Source: Mobile Marketer



Source: Mobile Marketer


Although it includes call to action phrases and messages on a landing page, do you think the messages in this rich media conveyed the unique benefits the product offered successfully?

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