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In-Store Shopping with a Digital Experience

Our interest as consumers has shifted from shopping in stores to online shopping because it enables us to easily view options and compare products. But there is a disadvantage that prevents us from relying on online shopping, specifically for clothing, which is the inability to try them on. So what if we were able to integrate the online and the in-store shopping experience?

According to Emily Steel of The Wall Street Journal, marketing companies are trying to win back shoppers by incorporating new digital technologies to pitch to consumers while they shop in stores. One example is the interactive mirror that enables a shopper to scan a dress, project it onto her body, view different colors and matching shoes then send the image to her Facebook profile. Another example is a display device that transforms the front window of a store into a giant touch screen that allows consumers to interact with the screen and select outfits for an avatar, instead of looking at a static mannequin.

Would this be an opportunity for retail stores to gain back consumers or would it instead enable the development of online shopping by adding the try-it-on feature?

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