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Recent Japanese Advertisement Trend (2)

October 15, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Recently, Japanese IT companies acquired some game developers and online companies abroad. Behind this trend is the fact that users of online games are increasing at a rapid rate. According to the New York Times, the social games market would grow to $1.5 billion in 2014. A virtual space has become a crucial role for communication on the internet.

“Ameba” is a membership web site for blogs. Its members reached 10 million people this July in Japan. Many people write their blogs on this site even celebrities. Recently, companies use this “Ameba” as a subsidiary for their promotions. Ameba has a unique tool for creating a buzz: there is a place where its bloggers can communicate with each other. Through this tool, popular bloggers of this site spread new information to other people.

How can members communicate with each other? There is an “Ameba pigg”, which is a virtual town for members’ communication. People have their own character, “Avatar”. And you can customize your character as you like.

This spring, Pepsi executed its promotion through this Ameba. Pepsi designed its own virtual town with these advertisements. Furthermore, Avatars can wear Pepsi’s special items, such as T-shirts, caps, jackets and so on. The Avatars which wear special items can dance in the virtual space and people can even take pictures of their dancing. These experiences make people want to write a blog. Their blogs cause new people to visit Pepsi’s virtual town. In this way, a word of mouth spreads gradually among people.

Taking pictures in the virtual town… I do not have interest in taking pictures in the virtual space. However, in fact, several hundred thousand people visited this virtual space during this promotion. Also the company said they could use this site efficiently for making a buzz. As far as I know, people around me do not have Avatar. Maybe there are more closet geeks who have fun with this Avatar than I expected. Or maybe Avatar is no longer only for those people. I am not a resident of the net and I rarely tweet or facebook. But, now I am afraid that it will be difficult to make friends and keep in touch with them in the future if I do not have an Avatar.

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